Costella Kirsch

Your creative, efficient source for Growth Capital since 1986


Costella Kirsch has identified and worked with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and companies to emerge in the last two decades.

By embracing focus, simplicity, and industry relationships, we have developed an innovative, streamlined lending style. That framework facilitates an independent, informed assessment of each company, allowing us to offer a custom-tailored and efficient debt facility.

By concentrating on the technology market for over twenty-eight years, Costella Kirsch's synergistic, experienced team has become fluent in industry subtleties -- while expanding trusted networks of management and service providers. 

That knowledge has developed a lending style as lean and responsive as the companies we finance, basing successful transactions on solid relationships and due diligence rather than complex documentation. From our Silicon Valley headquarters -- at the epicenter of high tech -- we specialize in technology and life-science companies, cultivating hands-on relationships with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and financial consultants in the world's most active regions for venture investment and new company formation.

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